No1 Hummus Brand in Southeast Europe




Believe they can change the existing situation, establish new values and make life better for everyone around them.


Believes that it can improve the offer of healthy food, establish new nutrition culture and make it possible for majority to eat healthier, tastier, more quality than so far.


How do we change the existing situation? We offer more quality, tasty, healthy products in practical packaging, with original combinations of taste, we enrich the offer on the market so that people/buyers have a choice and motivation to turn to more healthy nutrition.

How do we introduce the new nutrition culture? Through our products and promotion of the new forms of consummation, new ways to use the product, we establish new eating habits, we bring the world into our community and we make healthy food a part of everyday life, beauty of simplicity of day-to-day living.


Ribella is at the head of rebellion against bad eating habits, monotony and boredom on the table!

Ribella is at the head of rebellion that brings the change – healthier and tastier food, better eating habits, joy and imagination on the table!

Ribella is making the real change in your life possible!


Ribella Hummus – a creamy spread made up of a mixture of ground chickpeas, sesame paste, lemon juice and garlic, delicacies known worldwide as “the healthiest spread in the world”. The leader in the market of veggie spreads in Serbia and the region.



Quality control

As a regional leader in the production of veggie spreads, with market share in 10 European countries, and a brand with unique and innovative cured meat products on the market, we are trying to make every Ribella bite extraordinary. That is why the production takes place under the constant supervision of our top technologists, in strictly controlled conditions and carefully guided processes.