Salty Schaumrollen

Fans of leafy dough will be delighted with the salty version of Schaumrollen. Perfectly tasty Fresh Pâté salmon fillet spread will make this interesting delicacy an irresistible one! Mmmm…


  • 240 g (3 pcs) Ribella Fresh Pâté salmon fillets spread
  • 250 g puff pastry
  • 1 egg
  • 1 handful of sesame and flax
  • 50 g olives (black or green)
  • caper as desired
  • parsley or shallot as decoration


Expand puff pastry as thinner as possible, cut into stripes about 1 cm wide and roll around the mould for foamy rolls *. Place such rolled dough in a pan coated with pack paper, coat it with mixed egg and spread a mixture of sesame and flax over it. Bake according to instructions from the puff pastry package, or at 200 ° C for about 25 min. During this time, make a mixture by combining Fresh Pâté salmon fillet spread with finely chopped olives and caper. After baking, remove the moulds and fill the dough with the prepared mixture. Decorate with parsley or shallot.

* You can buy a mould in the shape of a cone or cornet, or you can make it from cardboard and alu foil.

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