Ribella Tunino presented to journalists and bloggers

Towards the end of the year, to contribute to the New Year’s mood, we organized a gathering for journalists and bloggers in order to present our new product – Ribella Tunino, a semi-permanent dry-cured product of pure tuna meat.

About thirty journalists from leading media outlets and a dozen female food bloggers boarded the Café Concept Store Jevremova, entertained and treated themselves with delicious snacks made from salami from tuna fillets, as well as squeezed and smoked tuna fillets, Ribella Tunino.
We first presented guests with a short animated film with which we wanted to show how long and dedicated we worked on designing this, in many ways, a unique product. The film follows our duo of technologists from the beginning to the end of the process – that is, from the idea to make a dry-cured product from tuna fillets, through production process, all the way to the shelves.



You can see it here.


Representatives of DTD Ribarstvo talked to media representatives about the idea that Ribella offers a unique and innovative product such as Ribella Tunino, and journalists and bloggers had the opportunity to talk with a technologist Milica Šimunović and a nutritionist Jovana Srejić and find out the details of the quality meat of tuna.
The theme of the social gathering was the slogan “You have not tried this yet“, the slogan of the advertising campaign that accompanied Ribella Tunino placing on the market. That’s why we played a little on this topic – all the guests had the opportunity to write on a foam cloud what they want to try in 2018 and to take a photoin front of the big campaign slogan. They took polaroid photographs with them as a reminder of what they committed themselves to in the new year. They fulfilled one “obligation” from the list of what they have not yet tried – they tried Ribella Tunino.

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