Whether you like it or not, it will be difficult to hide from the ball rolling on the green fields in Germany in the next month.

Just as the champion of Europe is crowned, the Olympics arrive, so this summer will be heaven for some, and probably hell for others. 😀


We will skip the part about the results, favourites, surprises, but we will not skip the part about hanging out and having fun… Because we HUMMUSAPIENS see an opportunity to have a good time and hang out everywhere and we are absolutely not interested in the reason for gathering, since the most important thing is that we are with each other as often as possible.


Whether you are the guy who asks – WHERE IS SO MUCH FOOTBALL ON TV COMING FROM? or the guy who comments – I WOULD PUSH THE BACKS INTO THE MIDDLE WHEN WE ATTACK! 😀 you will enjoy being with your team, sipping, tapping, laughing and maybe finally learn what an OFFSIDE is! 😀


Of course, there is also the opportunity to tease those football die-hard fans, who get annoyed and pretend to be coaches, but know that they will also roast you if you have no idea about football or sports… We know that laughter is precious, and if you can’t joke freely and can’t take a joke at your expense, then maybe you’re not a real HUMMUSAPIENS and you won’t really find yourself in this text.


One more thing – if we call you to watch the EUROS or the Olympics, this does not mean you will have to eat only the HUMMUS – we know how to make a bunch of other sweet and salty foods. Sometimes we will deceive you a bit and put hummus in some unexpected places, but this is only because we want you to enjoy it. 😉


We know that sport is here to connect people – on the field, in the stands, but also everywhere where people are in the mood to spend time together… So, don’t miss the chance for some new memories. 😉