Even if it’s not your thing, even if you don’t know what it’s really about, it’s impossible that the words THE LAST OF US haven’t reached you.
A global phenomenon that has captivated millions of people in front of their TV sets and one of the rare TV screen adaptations of a video game that is of the same level of quality, and maybe even better.
If you are a gamer or if you hang out with these “sect members” 😀
, you already know that it is one of the best games to be played and completed a bunch of times and which, because of its scary, gloomy and not entirely unfounded story about the apocalypse of mankind, had to appear on the TV screen as a series.
We’re not going to retell what it’s all about, because it is a click away from you, but we will tell you that the zombie-fungus is real and that it exists in nature, but it sticks to a very small number of insects… For now. 😀
Just like any high-quality series, regardless of the topic, THE LAST OF US is a great opportunity to hang out and gather your crew and wait for a new episode together. We believe that it is also one of the important things that this series encourages because hanging out and the opportunities for hanging out are fewer.
Of course, food and drinks are inevitable in preparing to watch the series together. 😀
This series simply asks us to “surrender” and give in to unhealthy snacks… Sometimes it’s time to give yourself a break and spoil yourself, but just don’t let it become your regular eating habit. Hummus is an excellent dip for all types of snacks – both healthy and unhealthy, for vegetables and for other finger food, and it can be used to spice up this ritual of series watching.
If you try a bit harder, you can use hummus to make yourself some other combinations that will not take up much of your time and the crew you are watching the series with (both the crew that loves unhealthy food and the straight one) will be thrilled.
Inspire yourself on our blog and we will have to think of special recipes for watching and binging the greatest series, because why shouldn’t you enjoy every part of this ritual that is an indispensable part of our lives.
Finally, tell us what you like the most about the series THE LAST OF US – if you’re watching it, and if you aren’t – tell us what your favourite series is, the one worth gathering your crew? 😉