Some kind of expectation is hanging in the air… The spring has arrived and it seems as if something was expected from you… That something is expected by people around you, friends, family, while you yourself have the feeling that you should do something and something should happen. The start of the most beautiful season is telling you – you still have time to make plans, replace indoor areas with nature, various video calls with live meetings, lounging in front of the computer and TV – with socialising…And if you don’t plunge into all of it immediately, days start to pass, time flies by, and you are still thinking about what you should do and how… We are here to push you over that edge. 😀

It’s not important to us what exactly you will do and what you will enjoy, but we believe that it is important that this happens in nature, with people, by getting to know some new things and getting out of your comfort zone.

If you’re expecting a bunch of huddled tips – do this and that, do it in this or that way, read the best 10 tips for the spring – we’ll have to let you down. The only thing we want to say to both ourselves and you is that an opportunity is occurring again to change something for the better, jump over some limits, start with the things that have been simmering in you for so long… An opportunity to face good things that require some effort, a small personal sacrifice… There, that’s what we wanted to say to you.

Why don’t you open a new life route at the time nature is awakening and energy levels are rising (you will survive the spring fatigue, as every year – don’t worry 😀).

We would feel a sort of regret if the spring was just a long bridge to the summer, which you would run along having only the sea and the summer holiday in mind.

If you haven’t already guessed it – the number of springs, according to the default warranty we all have, is limited for us – so, you don’t need to be a genius to conclude that you should live, discover things and remember. 😀