This a story of how a sceptic became a Hummusapien without even knowing it. 😀

Imagine the following… The person in our story doesn’t want innovations in nutrition, he doesn’t know what he likes, but he knows very well what he doesn’t like.

Anyway, this is one stubborn gourmand, moving within familiar limits and ripping apart what is well known to him – in terms of meat, in terms of vegetables, and in terms of everything else.

Well, what happened is that this person of ours met a female Hummusapien and you know the rest – sparks, the same music, similar dreams and those real goosebumps when they are near each other. As they start socializing intensively, they begin to cook for each other more often. The stubborn person of ours starts to really enjoy the food prepared by our female Hummusapien – of course, love knows its way to the heart is through the stomach, but in this case, there is a catch. The pasta sauce is totally phenomenal, the sandwiches give special delight, the tortillas are completely different from the ones he’d eaten before, the salad dressing (up to that moment, he’d never tried a salad with dressing 😀 ), and the dips for wings, chips and barbecue are made of some ingredients, I have no idea what kind, and he just can’t stop eating.

This lasted until he accidentally came across some hummus in the fridge… He opened it, smelled it carefully – it smelled OK… He got the nerve, took a spoon and tried it. The “A-HA MOMENT” occurred… So, that’s the secret ingredient that had been served for some time already. He had to admit that the deception worked and that this hummus was really GOOD and it went GREAT with the food he loved. He only said: “OK – from now on, I am buying the hummus and the flavours I like best.”

The moral of the story is: love is the most important, love for food is somewhere near the top 😀, and the flavours, healthy and good food are everywhere around you, you just have to be willing to try it – because that’s the only way life becomes even tastier and more interesting.

P.S. If you’re in the mood, just tell us how you started eating hummus, because we’re sure that you’ll have some wacky and instructional stories. 😜