We can already smell the summer days, hear the waves and music blaring from festivals… And this is why we are so ready to jump into the coming SUMMER. 😀

We pranced about wearing HUMMUSAPIENS T-shirts and caps earlier, and now it’s time for our SUNGLASSES as our #FashionStatement.  😎

This, of course, has less to do with fashion because we like to wear anything that feels good – either old or new, what we feel good in, what makes us different or completely merge with the crowd – if that suits you… So, you create fashion yourself, but the Hummusapiens sunglasses will be the #FinalTouch through which you will see even better all the opportunities for having fun, entertainment and memories that will never disappear.

If you’ve already tasted Ribella Hummus, you’ll understand exactly what we’re talking about because we care about the essence and not well-formed phrases. In the case of the most exciting season that is coming, this means that it is always worth focusing on positive and good things, being surrounded with good people sharing your type of madness and new experiences that are awaiting you.

Summer offers so many possibilities for plenty of new adventures and so many opportunities to get to know new people and the world… It’s only up to you to use the time you have in the best possible way.

… And if you manage to look awesome in all those summer days and show off your style, with the sunglasses that we prepared – all the better… Because Hummusapiens always have something that makes them special. 😀


We haven’t told you the most important thing – you can’t buy the sunglasses, but you can win them in our prize contest. Follow Facebook and Instagram and you will soon have the opportunity to convince us that we should give you the sunglasses as a gift, which will spice up your summer at least a little bit. 😉