We don’t know if you are aware of this, but here is another great truth that could add more flavour and joy to your life and diet – CHICKPEAS can be used for many different purposes, not only as the main ingredient of Ribella hummus. 🙂

It is clear that we adore them and treat them as a celebrity, which they certainly deserve, because they have perfect powers alone, but also in creating other delicious dishes.

This legume is packed with fibre and protein, it helps you meet your daily iron intake, and it contains micronutrients that are good for the heart and they are bursting with vitamins and minerals… All things considered, chickpeas rock 🙂 . Here we will stop with the boring information and, instead, we will make some suggestions on how to use chickpeas.

We will begin slowly with the info that chickpeas make great snacks and then they can become a healthy part of your movie night, sports game night, series binge-watch, or hanging with the crew… You only need to boil them or use canned chickpeas, dry them, cover them with olive oil and add seasoning. And now pay attention… You can make them salty or sweet, depending on your taste. After that, you can put them in the oven and bake them until they become crunchy.

Sometimes you can pass on the peas or beans in broths or soups and instead use chickpeas. These dishes are prepared in almost the same way and you will always have the opportunity to be creative with various spices and additions.

Another traditional dish with chickpeas that is still not popular enough is falafel. These are fried chickpea balls with herbs and no words can describe the flavour, given that falafel is the most popular dish of the East.

Chickpea flour has all the benefits of chickpeas and here you can truly let your imagination run wild and use it instead of white flour to make your favourite dishes. In case you missed it, GRAB & GO by Ribella, a combination of hummus and crackers, has crackers made of chickpea flour with olive oil and sea salt. Of course, all the benefits associated with hummus are preserved.

There are also salads, goulash, curry and baba ghanoush in regular and lean versions, according to your taste.

We will also deal with specific recipes for these dishes, so keep reading and follow us, because we have many great ideas on how to use this mighty legume coming your way.



The Ribella Team