We believe you have no idea how many people love Ribella hummus as much as you do, and maybe even more… If that is even possible. 😉

The taste of our hummus knows no bounds and easily finds its way to the hearts and stomachs of all those who like to eat well, differently and healthier.

While you are reading this, know that your favourite hummus is flying off the shelves in ROMANIA, HUNGARY, BULGARIA, POLAND, NORTH MACEDONIA, MONTENEGRO, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, CROATIA, SLOVENIA, SERBIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, ESTONIA, GREECE and MOLDOVA… So, there are increasingly more people who spread, dip and mix and are easily recognized by the fact that they do not want boring and predictable, but try to make something exciting and delicious every day.

We think it would be fair if we stop talking now and leave the floor for people from these countries. 😀 See what the Hummusapiens from these countries sent us and wrote about Ribella hummus… And no – we will not stop here, because we want even more people to have the opportunity to try hummus and share our values.

Until the next hummus bite and reading… Greetings! 😀