What type of hummus lover you are doesn’t have to be a secret of the universe, not to mention uncovering the forces at work behind a piece of bread falling with the spread on top or the identification of a draft’s fatal effect… However, it is equally important, if not even more important. 🙂

Hummusapiens, it is time to determine which group of hummus lovers you belong to. If you identify yourself, feel called out or honoured – contact us because we are happy to hear from hummus lovers. 😉

Here we go… Be careful now.


Your joint movements are skilled and there is no food you cannot dip into hummus… Some members of this group dip even fruit! In conclusion, you have everything under control without any mediators, except for your favourite bite of grub.


Pronounced elegance and technique, the soft movements of a specialist and a thick layer of hummus are your modus operandi and signature method. There is no surface without hummus and later gobbled with much pleasure.


Give them a spoon or anything similar and this Hummusapien will show their efficiency and strength by digging their way to the bottom of the container and getting the remains of their favourite hummus. The digger wastes no time and works hard for enjoyment.


Extremely imaginative and inspired, they put hummus into various dishes, snacks and food where you least expect to find that rich aroma. There are no boundaries and they enjoy answering the questions that confirm their master class – This is delicious, what did you put in here!? 🙂


The old craftsman is highly skilled in their work. They don’t let any obstacles, additions or buffers get in the way and they dip their fingers into hummus anytime and anywhere until the container is empty… Containers small and large. They are not bothered by weird glances. On the contrary – they like to demonstrate how it is done.


So… Did you identify with any of these groups? Or maybe there is another type of Hummusapien to be added to the list… Come on – share your thoughts and enjoy the way you eat your hummus. 😉